Gas analyzers for the production and quality assurance of carbon dioxide

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Beverage dispense gases for beer and carbonated soft drinks

Due to the sources of carbon dioxide being in the chemicals, biogas and refining sectors, there are specific quality control precautions associated with this gas when it is used in food and beverage applications. Quality control of the carbon dioxide is done throughout the bulk carbon dioxide supply chain and is repeated at a batch scale for when the carbon dioxide cylinders have been filled.

Beverage dispense gas mixtures are blends of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. As with all gas mixing operations, the composition of the carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas mixture must be analyzed to ensure that it meets the required gas mixture specification within acceptable tolerances. This will either be done using direct read process analyzers within the cylinder filling process or by taking one full cylinder from a batch and presenting it to a direct read instrument in a production laboratory. The Uras26 NDIR is ideal for these applications to determine the precise carbon dioxide concentration in the gas mixture.


Biogas diversifies and supplements the carbon dioxide supply chain

Shortages of carbon dioxide have received attention in recent years. The situation has encouraged industrial gases companies that are involved in the carbon dioxide supply chain to diversify and expand their sourcing options. Biogas production, with subsequent separation of methane and purification of carbon dioxide to produce ‘green’ food-grade carbon dioxide has recently emerged as a realistic route to support this sourcing diversification strategy.

ABB have been playing a critical role to help the biogas plant operators maintain a consistent quality of product that will meet the tight food-grade specifications. The industrial gases companies that purchase carbon dioxide run extensive quality tests in their sophisticated labs. The best grades of product are used for food applications and attract the best prices. Lower grade batches are destined for industrial usage in welding gas mixtures or pH control in waste water and command lower prices. So, investment in carbon dioxide analysis and quality control is advantageous for the biogas producer to ensure that they meet the tight food grade specifications on every batch and maximize their revenue and profit.

ABB gas analyzers, such as the Uras26 and Fidas24, help carbon dioxide producers continuously monitor for low levels of carbon monoxide, total sulfur and hydrocarbons. For real-time monitoring of specific gases, ABB’s LGR-ICOS product line, based on advanced laser absorption technology, provides extraordinarily high sensitivity, accuracy, and fast response measurements of several contaminants (e.g., CO, H2S, CH4) in high purity carbon dioxide, methane and complex mixtures. This analysis allows them to pro-actively make process adjustments to optimize their operations and secure their business performance.


Continuous gas analyzers for use in the carbon dioxide value chain

Flexibility to customize your instrument from these continuous gas analyzer modules

– NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) analyzer configurable to a range of gases including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane and other light hydrocarbons. Typical applications are related to carbon dioxide production, for example biomethane upgrade process control, carbon dioxide purification quality assurance and SMR process control.

Fidas24 – FID (flame ionisation detector) analyzer for total hydrocarbon analysis. Also available with a cutter for total non-methane hydrocarbons. Typical applications include biomethane upgrade process controal and hydrocarbon in carbon dioxide measurement for quality assurance and process control.

Process GCs for multicomponent gas or liquid stream analysis

PGC1000 series
– rapid response process gas chromatograph for mixed gas stream analysis. Typical applications include process stream assay in biomethane and biogas. Also used for calorific value measurement in natural gas feedstock to SMRs where carbon dioxide is produced as a by product.

PGC5000 series – highly flexible and robust process gas chromatograph for gas and liquid stream analysis. Typical applications include full compositional analysis of natural gas, biogas and biomethane streams. Can also be applied to a wide range of process and safety applications in the downstream hydrocarbon processing and chemicals sectors where natural gas is processed and carbon dioxide is extracted as a by product, for example methanol, syngas, hydrogen and ammonia production.

NGC8200 series – purpose built range of high precision process GCs for natural gas composition and energy value analysis.  Especially suited to custody transfer and product metering applications. Ensures accurate invoicing and fair value exchange for traded biomethane or LNG.

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