Gas analyzers for industrial gas production and quality control

Working for you to enhance operational safety, maximize process efficiency and optimize product yield

More than 100 years of innovation and experience at your fingertips

ABB gas analyzers have evolved to become best-in-class solutions for the broadest range of industrial gas production and quality control applications. Our experts around the world have the knowledge to support your success. ABB gas analyzers are used in thousands of industrial gas plants worldwide to enhance operational safety, maximize process efficiency and optimize product yields.  It adds up to better profits for your organisation and reduced risk.  We provide the precision, so that you can be sure.


Gas analyzers and process automation solutions from ABB – all around industrial gases

The ABB gas anayzer instrumenation product range extends to:

  • Direct-read continuous gas analyzers using tried and tested analytical techniques
  • Online gas analyzers using the innovative laser analytical techniques
  • Rapid response process gas chromatographs with suitable detectors

Beyond gas analyzers, ABB can also support you with process automation and power management solutions:

  • Switchgear and electrical power distribution equipment
  • DCS process automation systems
  • Flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement instrumentation

Industrial gas application segments

Saving money, improving profits, keeping your people and assets safe

“We are convinced of the improved repeatability and stability of the measurement and confident that this will lead to reduced power consumption and reduced calibration related operating costs on our site.” - Jürgen Wimmer, AlzChem, Germany.

Sectors where captive industrial gas production inside battery limits is integral to the process


Continuous gas analyzer product portfolio for captive industrial gas production applications

Flexibility to customize your instrument from these continuous gas analyzer modules


– paramagnetic analyzer for percentage level oxygen analysis. Typical applications include ASU oxygen purity control, ASU waste nitrogen purity control and ASU argon column feed oxygen purity control.

– NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) analyzer configurable to a range of gases including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane and other light hydrocarbons. Typical applications include ASU PPU carbon dioxide breakthrough detection and steam methane reformer process control.


– FID (flame ionisation detector) analyzer for total hydrocarbons. Also available with a cutter for total non-methane hydrocarbons.  Typical applications include hydrocarbon measurement in liquid oxygen for process safety.


 – TCD (thermal conductivity detector) analyzer for permanent gases including hydrogen. Typical applications include SMR process control, especially in the PSA hydrogen purification beds.


 – direct read hydrogen specific analyzer using solid state technology to eliminate interferance from matrix gases. Ideal for syngas production and SMR process control applications.


 – zirconium oxide trace and percentage level oxygen analyzer. Typical applications include confirmation of pure nitrogen purity with trace oxygen measurement and combustion oxygen stoichiometry control on SMRs.

Process GCs for multicomponent gas or liquid stream analysis


PGC1000 series – rapid response process gas chromatograph for mixed gas stream analysis. Typical applications include calorific value (BTU) determination of natural gas feed to SMRs and syngas analysis for SMR process optimisation through steam to carbon ratio control. Also used on ASUs for measurement on hydrocarbons in liquid oxygen for process safety.


PGC5000 series
 – highly flexible and robust process gas chromatograph for gas and liquid stream analysis. Typical applications include full compositional analysis of natural gas, biogas and biomethane streams. Can also be applied to a wide range of process and safety applications in the downstream hydrocarbon processing and chemicals sectors, for example LNG processing, methanol, syngas, hydrogen and ammonia production.


NGC8200 series – purpose built range of high precision process GCs for natural gas composition and energy value analysis.  Especially suited to custody transfer and product metering applications. Ensures accurate invoicing and fair value exchange for traded LNG.


RVP4500 series – accurately measures Reid Vapor Pressure throughout the gasoline range and its feedstocks from 0-20 psi to 0-225 psi. Often used to measure the vapor pressure of the condensate in LNG plants.

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