Sheet Break Performance

Reduce sheet break frequency and improve runnability with advanced warnings of impending breaks and root cause analysis of breaks in under a minute to better address underlying issues and identify ideal operating parameters

Sheet breaks are a major contributor to lost market opportunity as well as increased unplanned machine downtime, contributing to millions of dollars  in lost profit every year for each production line.

Sheet Break Performance, an ABB Ability™ Performance Service for paper mills solution, helps quickly identify the underlying issues and reoccurring trends that prohibit optimal performance. Not only does it get to the root cause in under a minute, but it also acts as an early warning system when sheet breaks are imminent.

The service provides better insight into issues causing sheet breaks and helps determine operational envelops, also known as centerlining. By enabling operators to run the machine within recommended parameters in both normal and abnormal conditions, the manufacturing process can be consistent—improving production, quality and profitability. 


  • Fewer sheet breaks and less unplanned downtime
  • Reduced time and effort needed to identify root causes of breaks and downtime
  • Early warnings for impending breaks
  • Faster sheet break recovery time
  • Increased production tonnage
  • Improved sheet quality
  • Safer working environment
  • Increased profit potential

Maximize operational performance with efficient monitoring and analysis of multiple process variable interactions, sheet break alerts and analysis, machine health KPIs, and identification of ideal thresholds for the ‘Golden Run’

The online system is built on a series of four advanced data analysis modules that provide a deeper, holistic view of any sheet break problems affecting the papermaker. These modules are:

Sheet Break Analyzer

Machine learning system that identifies the root cause of a sheet break within a minute of occurrence and provides operators with alerts and notifications to help them remedy the situation.

Process Variability Analyzer

Continuous monitoring of the critical process variables to statistically identify abnormalities and alert operators about possible problem situations.

Process Interaction Analyzer

Machine learning system that identifies the multivariable interaction patterns on the paper machine and detects deviations from optimal machine runs, as well as problematic areas and variables.

Operating Parameters Analyzer

Data mining and collection system that identifies the optimal “sweet spot” operating targets and ranges for running the paper machine on different grades, to ensure minimal sheet breaks and minimal variations in quality/strength properties.

Delivery as a service enables expert support

Sheet Break Performance is delivered via ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations, which connects services that leverage the availability and transparency of data from the Ability platform into a data ecosystem. By connecting ABB and customer experts to actionable process data in a collaborative environment, problems can be quickly diagnosed, and corrective actions implemented.

The connected service provided by ABB experts assists you in contextualizing sheet break data, providing recommended improvement actions, and maintaining the accuracy of the online analytics and 
modeling applications as process and production changes occur.  In this manner, the service helps you attain the ideal machine control strategy to allow a “Golden Run” – with low sheet breaks, and consistently uniform high quality, for superb resource efficiency – every time you run a specific grade on your machine.

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