Buildings, industrial facilities & infrastructure automation and optimization

ABB automation and software solutions for airports, arenas, data centers, industrial, commercial or public facilities that require centralized control and supervision of the different subsystems in demanding operating conditions

Buildings and facilities supervisors can greatly benefit from ABB's extensive industrial automation experience in 24/7 operating conditions to produce the economy of scale and large savings. ABB and authorized ABB partners can support you with complete integration of building automation, surveillance, security functions and other systems controlling specific processes making it easier to program, use and maintain. Complete monitoring system across multiple facilities allows to measure energy consumption in real time and quantify the benefits of the saving optimizations.

ABB's Facility Automation Solution (FAS) library provides pre-engineered and pretested modules that make it possible for users in highly regulated (GMP and non-GMP) industries like life sciences to control, manage and report environmental conditions during and after manufacture of a particular batch, while verifying who took actions affecting those conditions.

ABB provides automation and control of multiple combined heat and power plants supplying large building complexes in industrial and commercial sectors or airports – arrival and departure halls, terminals, shopping malls, hangars, car parks, catering facilities and offices – with electric power and district heating.

Our award-winning control system functionalities offers outstanding integration capabilities, high operational security, maximum availability, remote and mobile control and maintenance possibility and an easy and quick way to upgrade to a new generation of control systems while protecting your previous intestments.

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Integrate & control

Integrate all building systems, processes and multiple facilities, with the proper protection against cyber threats


Collect data across all the facilities you operate, display it in meaningful ways and in the right context, simulate different scenarios


Act on the insights and predictive analytics by making fast informed decisions to improve safety, uptime, energy efficiency

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