Aluminium smelter / refinery / cold rolling mill automation and optimization

We provide tailored distributed control systems (DCS), manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), process and production intelligence and optimization software applications that use real-time data – enabling constant monitoring and analysis of your process and energy for improved asset availability.

Aluminium smelters require huge amounts of electrical energy. Optimized power conversion systems and well-engineered power utility interfaces are essential for maximum energy efficiencies and power quality. Electrical energy accounts for 30 to 40 percent of the overall aluminium production costs.

Aluminium plants need integrated process and electrical control systems that provide plant-wide efficiency and maximum productivity. Our award-winning distributed control solutions provide easy access through a single point of entry to the power supply, process, production, quality and business information systems. They can be accessed by authorized users from the most remote location or corporate headquarters.
We also offer a complete range of instrumentation products for the primary aluminium industry, such as hydrogen analyzers, inclusion analyzers, melt cleanliness analyzers, as well as inclusion identification and quantification analyzers. Our vast experience in the primary aluminium industry enables us to select the right motor for each drive application, from moving bauxite and producing alumina to feed the smelting process.

Making aluminium production smart:

Whether you need a single product or a comprehensive package, look to ABB as your single source.

Our offering


Control every stage of production, from shop-level control systems to top-level MES, with the proper protection against cyber threats


Collect data across the entire operations, display it in meaningful ways and in the right context, simulate different scenarios


Act on the insights and predictive analytics by making fast informed decisions to improve safety, uptime, speed and yield

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