Process control and automation solutions for cement and glass plants

Whether you are building a greenfield plant or extending or modernizing an existing plant, ABB provides tailored automation solutions that use real-time data – enabling constant monitoring and analysis of process and assets

Cement and glass makers need integrated process control systems that can improve plant-wide efficiency and productivity. Our  award-winning process control solutions provide easy “single window” access to the process, production, quality and business information – from the most remote location to corporate headquarters. They can be supplied by ABB’s global network of skilled control system engineers or experienced system integrators - ABB Authorized Value Providers.

ABB provides a wide range of instrumentation products for cement industry processes such as continuous gas analyzer systems for process gas measurements, emission monitoring, online measurements for bulk materials, as well as instrumentation for other specific applications. Unrivaled in its scope and applications expertise, ABB is a global leader with solutions certified to international standards and a worldwide network of manufacturing plants.

As the world’s largest producer of variable frequency drives – vital to modern cement production – ABB draws on its extensive cement industry knowledge to select the best drives and PLCs to increase the throughput, reliability and energy efficiency of your operations. This ensures that the selected drive system perfectly fits the site specific requirements.

Our offerings


Control every stage of production, from shop-level control systems to top-level MES, with the proper protection against cyber threats


Collect data across the entire operations, display it in meaningful ways and in the right context, simulate different scenarios


Act on the insights and predictive analytics by making fast informed decisions to improve safety, uptime, speed and yield

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