Aquaculture automation and optimization

For the salmon and trout farming industry to capitalize on its projected growth, significant changes are needed to reduce high operational costs and to overcome difficult environmental conditions.

The aquaculture industry faces a number of operational challenges, mainly related to maintaining the quality of the seafood products, controlling the cost and the composition of feed, and controlling the costs related to the production at sea. These issues can all be addressed with the help of process automation and optimization. As is common in the world of food production, every stage of fish farming and production adheres to strict best practice and guidelines. Cloud computing and big data technologies make it possible to gather massive amounts of data for traceability and process optimization.

The cost of feed makes up 50% of the operational costs and is a crucial element to improving profitability.

A process automation system can ensure that the feed is used in the most economical way. The composition of the feed has an impact on costs, fish growth and on the environment. The fish need different composition of feed at different stages of their lives. A process automation system helps operators produce the mix they aim for, exactly and efficiently, on every occasion. Changes to the diet can be followed up and monitored, maximizing growth and yield.

Inadequate water quality and high temperature during smoltification can result in loss of yield in salmon’s life.

A process automation system can facilitate water quality analysis, ensuring maximum yield throughout the production by making suitable, timely adjustments. Gathering a sufficient number of data points can help an operator learn how various small changes at this crucial stage impact the development of the fish later on. Combining several data sources could help improve over time, help improve the growth and health of the fish.

Controlling parasites is a critical supporting process to the sea farming. Early intervention can stem outbreak.

All visual monitoring at the sites can be automated using, for instance, cameras under water and above the surface. Oxygen levels can be monitored, using online oxygen measuring equipment, alerting the staff when changes occur. A process automation system can help minimize salmon escaping by monitoring the nets continuously for wear and weakness. Any farmed salmon found in the wild can be traced back to where it came from.

Embracing new technologies has been key to successful growth of the leading seafood companies like Marine Harvest and others. You can learn from your peers who championed the leading edge applications by cooperating with ABB.

You can also benefit from our broad experience in aquaculture. ABB is different.

We provide Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and tailored distributed control systems (DCS), with video integration capabilities for real time visualization, quick access to data and documentation to facilitate optimization and improve productivity. Integrated solutions for automation, electrical, instrumentation and telecommunication in combination with our expertise ensures delivery on time with reduced risk and costs.  We follow you through the whole life cycle of your plant.

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Awards and recognition

According to ARC Advisory Group, ABB has got the world's most popular distributed control systems (DCS) - System 800xA, Freelance DCS and other heritage brands. We are No.1 over a decade and delivered automation solutions  to more than 100 countries, in a variety of industries.

ABB's extended automation system ABB Ability System 800xA and its ergonomic control room design have won multiple awards. Control engineers and operators love this user-friendly system for its ability to meet their needs and its outstanding integration capabilities. It comes with the unique batch and recipe management solutions.

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