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System Benchmark, a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of your ABB control system

System Benchmark checks the overall status and analyzes the most relevant parameters to improve system performance and configuration.

Different parameters are read from the installed system and compared to ABB requirements and best practices. Non-optimal system states and settings are automatically identified. As result, the Benchmark report provides an easy to read “Traffic Light” report showing the system status and highlighting deviations and potential risks. 


  • Easy-to-use tool for fully automated system data collection (onsite or remotely)
  • Easy-to-read ‘Traffic Light‘ report showing the system status, highlighting deviations and potential risks focusing on high impact opportunities for improvement
  • Report is available onMy Control System web-platform within minutes after data upload and can then be downloaded as PDF document
  • Short text for each finding quickly identifies the spots where further action is recommended or required
  • Categories (depending on control system family): Performance, Software, Security, Life cycle

Revealing unseen weak spots 

As a first step of the system analysis, a portable easy-to-use data collection software, which has been developed on the base of long-term service experience, is executed on any computer in the system. It runs on a low priority level, in order not to strain the system in operation, and produces a packed result file. 

The second step is to log in to the ABB web-based platform “My Control System” and upload the result file manually, by that keeping the workflow strictly under end user’s control.  

The web-based analysis starts automatically after upload and checks the measured results against ABB specifications, requirements and recommendations. Deviations from the expected results are presented in the System Benchmark Report which is immediately available on My Control System. 

It presents a summary of the checks results in easy-to-read “traffic light” tables (green / yellow / red for good / ambiguous / incorrect). The findings are listed briefly, and this gives a quick overview of the actual system status. 

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