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Fingerprint for diagnostic analysis of the performance of the control system

While a Benchmark Service collects basic data and analyzes and shows the status of a system, the Fingerprint Service interprets the findings and gives further recommendations in order to reach maximum system performance.

Using an ABB Fingerprint, ABB benchmarks the control system performance and parameters and compares them to peak operating conditions. After identifying optimum system operation, ABB outlines and recommends an improvement plan in a detailed report.

The ABB Fingerprint service is delivered by a trained ABB engineer and recommendations for improvements in the Fingerprint report are prioritized, with recommendations that deliver the greatest benefits first.

Improvements are made and benefits are sustained through a program of continuous monitoring via ABB’s ServicePort or through regularly scheduled fingerprint services.


  • Easy-to-use tool for system data collection (onsite or remotely)
  • The Fingerprint Report is available on My Control System web-platform for easy access to information and reports
  • Detection of hidden degradation before problems occur, adopting a proactive maintenance strategy.
  • Extend system life and take advantage of new technology.
  • Establish baseline performance before system delivery or upgrade.
  • Rapid response in case of troubleshooting and corrective actions.
  • Reduce quality costs and downtime.

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