Why is 800xA now ABB Ability™ System 800xA®?

ABB unifies and simplifies access to all its digital solutions under the single platform - ABB Ability™. System 800xA becomes part of ABB Ability portfolio.

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ABB combines deep domain expertise with network connectivity and the latest digital technologies and innovations to create ABB Ability™ platform - a portfolio of powerful digital solutions and services that solve real business problems and produce tangible business opportunities.

ABB Ability was developed in conjunction with Microsoft, which provides common technologies for enabling device, edge and cloud application delivery. The platform provides solutions in ABB's three primary application areas: utilities, industry, transportation and infrastructure. It also delivers secure, digital solutions on premises with fog computing from devices to the edge, in the cloud that goes up from the edge, and now in a projected "intercloud" strategy.

ABB Ability™ platform enables customers to securely integrate and aggregate their data, combine with wider industry data, apply big data and predictive analytics, and generate insights that can help them drive performance and productivity improvements.

Know more, do more, do better, together

Assessing, automating, optimizing and collaborating – that‘s the value digitally connected products and services can create for our customers. All of it comes together in System 800xA. It boasts 10,000 installed systems in over 100 countries, monitoring and controlling over 50 million tags. It provides the functionality of a DCS, Electrical Control System and a Safety system and it empowers plant operators to do a better job by making more accurate and timely decisions. That is why 800xA becomes ABB Ability™ System 800xA.

ABB's extended automation System 800xA has long been able to sense, analyze and allow users to take actions to drive efficiency. At the core, it is a flexible integration platform that allows to move over to new functionalities - smoothly, and connect the unconnected - seamlessly. By becoming ABB Ability System 800xA, it will enable users to do even more.

ABB Ability System 800xA is a secure way to connect our customers to the power of the Industrial Internet of Things and, through our services and expertise, to go further by turning data insights into the direct action that "closes the loop" and generates customer value in the physical world.

Guido Jouret, ABB's Chief Digital Officer
"ABB Ability 800xA will do everything it already does, but now we are adding self-learning so it can perform even better. We're looking at integrating supply chains, and integrating with upstream and downstream users.”

Expertise at each stage of the lifecycle

 ABB Ability™ System 800xA solutions offer the right tools and support to drive gains in performance, productivity, efficiency and safety throughout the operations lifecycle of your business.

Audit & advice
Design & engineering






Predictive maintenance
Preventive maintenance

Guido Jouret, ABB's Chief Digital Officer
“The cloud will give us an agility and the ability to integrate like never before. We can integrate not only automation through the cloud but also human insight.”

Enabling collaborative operations

ABB Ability System 800xA allows to connect your operations, engineering and business management with ABB’s Internet-of-Things applications and expertise. Asset and operational information is collected and analyzed 24/7 at Collaborative Operations Centers to identify, categorize and prioritize actions.

You can connect to ABB experts anytime, anywhere to make the best data-driven decisions possible.

At the forefront of digital transformation

Creating value from the Industrial IoT
Integration and modernization
Networks and security

Designed to work across industries

ABB has world’s largest installed base of connected industrial devices and we are world leaders in securing and using data. Customers who are already using the portfolio of digital solutions that are now part of ABB Ability include some of the world’s leading utilities, manufacturers and service providers, among them Shell Oil, CenterPoint Energy, Con Edison, BASF, Royal Caribbean, Cargill and many others.
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