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When designing functional safety you need tools and devices such as drives with safe torque off to deliver efficient and safe results. When building a safety system, you must ensure all devices can communicate with each other reliably and quickly. The more you can integrate safety functionalities into the machine’s control system, the more savings it will bring you. Our scalable portfolio of drives, safety devices and solutions will help you do just that.

Drives used in functional safety solutions
Safety communication between drive and PLC
Tool to simplify safety design
Typical safety functions supported by ABB drives
Integrated safety in drives

Our all-compatible drives have the basic safety function safe torque off (STO) built-in as standard. This integrated safety functionality can be extended with a range of available options. The options include the Safety functions module (FSO-12 or -21) for all-compatible industrial drives, and the PROFIsafe safety functions module (FSPS-21) for all-compatible industrial drives, general purpose drives and machinery drives. The Safety functions module (FSO-12 or -21) can be used either with the safe speed estimation feature or with a safety encoder, together with the FSE-31 safety encoder interface. All safety modules are easy to integrate inside a drive offering scalable amount of safety functions, thus ensuring safe use of the application.

Access ABB drive types with specific safety information

Get to know ABB's FSO-12 and -21 safety functions module

Get to know ABB's FSPS-21 PROFIsafe safety functions module

Safety communication with PROFIsafe

When a safety system includes several drives, a safety PLC is used for controlling drives and machines from a common source. Different safety functions can be performed in the application, all controlled by one common safety PLC. Our all-compatible industrial, general purpose and machinery drives offer PROFIsafe connectivity over PROFINET. This means communication between them and a PLC is safe, fast and more reliable. In addition, communication diagnostics is also made possible. Our scalable offering of PROFIsafe connectivity includes an ACS880 industrial drive connected to the PLC with a PROFINET fieldbus adapter module (FPNO-21) providing PROFIsafe connectivity together with the FSO-12 or -21 Safety functions module. There is also the option to connect ACS880 industrial drives, ACS580 general purpose drives and ACS380 machinery drives to the PLC with the PROFIsafe safety functions module (FSPS-21). Both modules offer also built-in safety functions.

Find out more about the Safety functions modules (FSO-12 and -21) and Pulse encoder interface module (FSE-31)

Find out more about the PROFIsafe safety functions module (FSPS-21)

Access information about ABB's safety PLC AC500-S

ABB's functional safety design tool

When designing safety functions for applications a safety calculation has to be done according to international functional safety standards (EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061). Our functional safety design tool helps you perform risk estimation, define required safety integrity (SIL) / performance level (PL) for safety functions, verify achieved safety level and generate design reports.

Download the free FSDT-01 functional safety design tool

Typical safety functions with drives

Our drives are part of machines controlling the speed and torque of the motor that's driving the machine. Our drives can perform safety functions such as Safe torque off (STO), Safely limited-speed (SLS), Safe break control (SBC), Safe maximum speed (SMS), Safe stop emergency (SSE), Safe stop 1 (SS1)

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