Drive, motor and PLC solutions for grains and ingredients

Increasing profitability without compromising quality in grain and flour handling

High quality flour is the key ingredient for bread, cakes, biscuits and other delicious products. Many flour mills work around the clock to meet demand, so reliability is really in focus. You can rely on our solutions to boost productivity and energy efficiency while ensuring the safety of both your personnel and plant.

Grain handling and flour milling typically use conveyors, blowers, sieves, mills, mixers and packing machines. We offer a comprehensive line-up of variable speed drives, softstarters and motors keep your processes operating smoothly. Our highly efficient drive-motor packages and IE5 motors cut energy costs and reduce emissions. Dust ignition certified versions ensure safety in locations with dust hazards. Drives with built-in safe torque off increase the safety of applications like milling machines and mixers. Programmable logic controllers (PLC) can deliver integrated control systems that help to provide enhanced visibility and control over the processes of grain and ingredient production. From grain intake all the way through to flour dispatch, ABB solutions keep your production moving.

Productivity. Efficiency. Safety. Everything counts when producing the best quality flour.

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