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Preventive Maintenance service

Increase drive reliability to cut operating costs

Installed drives are maintained according to detailed product specific schedules. Regular preventive maintenance actions allow to control maintenance costs and to optimize life time performance.


  • Annual inspections and component replacements are carried out by highly trained engineers in accordance with detailed maintenance schedules.
  • An extensive network of service engineers is on call for whenever you schedule your production shutdown.
  • Genuine spare parts are selected to match the maintenance schedule and bundled within preventive maintenance kits.
  • Preventive Maintenance service is available from ABB or its local third party channel companies.

ABB Preventive Maintenance service delivery

Maintenance assessment

Data on drives installed is collected and maintenance actions determined. The assessment covers preventive maintenance tasks as well as any other maintenance issues.

Service execution planning

A plan is prepared detailing the type, frequency and cost of the maintenance services needed. The plan coordinates preventive maintenance to match with production shutdowns.

Ordering Preventive Maintenance kits

The correct Preventive Maintenance kits are compiled and delivered by an ABB specialist. Alternatively the kits for LV drives can be ordered from to arrive in time for the planned maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance service implementation

An ABB certified engineer collects the Preventive Maintenance kits and carries out all the scheduled tasks including complete drives functional testing. Costs for Preventive Maintenance service includes labor and parts.

Service reporting

A detailed service report, including recommendations for future actions is provided.

Updating preventive maintenance plan

Maintenance actions are recorded and planning of the next set of maintenance requirements begins.

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