ABB’s smart energy management technologies

Increase your operational efficiency and reduce overall energy consumption



ABB's energy distribution systems provide commercial and industrial end-users with easy to install, flexible and safe solutions that can integrate all types of electrical devices to help users achieve the highest standard of energy efficiency compliance, as well as saving up to 20 percent on energy bills.



ABB’s new System pro E® energy range of sub distribution boards

are designed to improve safety and flexibility and cut assembly time in half. The System pro E® Energy range is the optimum solution for sub-distribution up to 800 A for commercial and industrial environments. Installation can have a significant positive impact on the overall efficiency of the end-user, with ABB estimating it can save up to 80 percent in time due to its fast assembly. It also requires 30 percent less stock, 15 percent fewer order codes and improves wiring space capacity by 20 percent. 


  • Busbar systems and functional units for integrating electric low-voltage devices
  • Maximum flexibility during the creation of the distribution board for every application
  • Certified current distribution solutions up to 800 A according to IEC 61439

Product overview

System pro M compact® InSite range

The new System pro M compact® InSite is an innovative energy/network monitoring system with energy management functions. Measurement devices such as meters and network analysis devices are easy to integrate. The CMS bus in connection with the sensors can be used to monitor power circuits and integrate additional I/O modules.


  • Several interfaces/APIs and data export functions
  • Load control: Dedicated switching via integration of the I/O modules
  • Integration of all measurement devices possible via Modbus RTU

Product overview

Digital timers with app programming

The digital weekly, astro and yearly timer can be programmed with the smartphone or tablet via the integrated Bluetooth interface. The App allows to set-up, modify and copy the switching times intuitively.


  • App for iOS and Android
  • Switching of LED loads up to 500 W
  • Protection against unauthorized access with PIN

Product overview

ComfortLine – the new compact distribution boards and wall mounting cabinets

The new ComfortLine Compact distribution boards and wall mounting cabinets and from ABB offer 50% larger flange openings, easily snap-in installation panels, integrated data channels, secure 3-point door locking and a high protection type of IP44.

Thanks to the comprehensive and consistent product portfolio in protection classes I and II, exemplary ease of installation and intelligent smart home solutions, the new ComfortLine cabinets from ABB meet all requirements in the best possible way.

Convenient pre-assembly of the installation panels 

ABB's innovative Quick-Mounting-System (QMS) ensures that installation panels can be quickly and conveniently snapped into place and afterwards be screwed together.


  • 50% larger flange openings
  • Integrated data channels
  • Secure 3-point door locking
  • High protection type of IP44

Optimised features for mounting

50% larger with more cable entries

The ComfortLine range has the largest number of cable entries on the market

QMS locking system

The installation panels are quick and easy to lock in thanks to the Quick-Mounting-System (QMS)

Integrated data channels

Innovative wiring channels for the measurement system of the future

High stability thanks to secure

3-point door locking

Tool-free adjustment

of the door hinges using a knurled nut

Effortless wall mounting

Vertical fixing through depth level compensation

Product overview

ComfortPlaner – It couldn’t be faster

To each individual meter panel in record time


Thanks to intuitive operation, even dozens of meter boards are easy to configure with ComfortPlaner. Only the number of meter boards and the applications to be connected need to be known. All other entries are supported by automatic functions: Specifying the quantity, selecting the distribution panels, media panels and surge protection.




The new software makes it easy for users right from the start. Thanks to a clear menu structure and supported by automatic functions, one is guided safely through the ordering process step by step.

ComfortPlaner is browser based. As a result, it can be used on any device at any time – perfect for your smartphone! 
Remote access to the access control in the commercial sector for example:

  • Interface to StriePlan for detailed planning  
  • ELBRIDGE interface to online shops of electrical wholesalers
  • The configuration progress is continuously displayed in real time


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