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ABB Ability™ System 800xA

Integration to deliver a single view for all systems & equipment

With ABB Ability™ Integrated Marine Automation System 800xA, the crew enjoy a fully integrated ship where all systems and equipment work seamlessly together, operated from a single user environment. The latest generation provides a modern user interface that excels in user-friendliness, usability and consistency. 

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More efficient vessel

Operate the vessel more effectively and safely

Increase vessel efficiency and profitability

Increase overall safety, save space and reduce training expenses

Reduce cost

Reduces maintenance costs and increases vessel uptime

Reduce investment costs, optimize maintenance and improve power control and equipment availability

Minimize both installation and life cycle costs


Intuitive, single-screen access to all information needed to operate effectively and safely

Vertical Integration

Tight vertical integration with the electric power and propulsion systems reduces investment costs, optimizes maintenance and improves power control and equipment availability

Certified Safety System

An integrated certified safety system increases overall safety, saves space and reduces training expenses


Ship-wide, real-time condition monitoring of critical assets reduces maintenance costs and increases vessel uptime


Connectivity to advanced performance management
systems increases vessel efficiency and profitability

Less equipment

Reduced cabling and standard swappable components minimize both installation and life cycle costs

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ABB Ability™ System 800xA

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