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ABB Ability™ Remote Diagnostic System (RDS) for Marine

When time is of essence. Vessels operating in harsh environments or carrying passengers do not have much time to act when there is a failure. We provide remote diagnostic and on-call repairs to address any technical incident as quickly as possible. The RDS infrastructure functions as an enabler for ABB’s Global technical support service.

The ABB Ability™ Remote Diagnostic System for Marine (RDS) is a diagnostic tool and data hub that providing troubleshooting and condition monitoring solutions for electrical and mechanical systems, enabling fast and accurate remote support. As a result, lower maintenance costs and higher operational availability are achieved, whilst simultaneously increasing vessel and crew safety and reducing the CO2 footprint.  

The core of the system is a dedicated monitoring and diagnostics platform for collection, storage and analysis of data from individual components, sub-systems and complete integrated solutions. To address the individual needs of each vessel, the RDS system is completely modular, and additional services like Fleet Intelligence for insight in operational data of onboard equipment and a System Security Update Service can be added.


Increased uptime

With remote support over a secure satellite connection, troubleshooting is more accurate, and less onboard service visits are required. Furthermore, the optimization of the vessel maintenance schedule leads to less unpredicted stops of onboard machinery.


Reduced service costs

By identifying possible equipment malfunctions and maintenance needs in an earlier stage, RDS helps vessel owners and – operators to cut back their maintenance costs up to 50%. Additionally, the need for an ABB Service Engineer to go onboard can be reduced op to 70%. 


Reducing CO2 footprint 

RDS increases sustainability and reduces CO2 footprint by minimizing the travel movements to the vessel through remote data collection and remote equipment supervision.  


Improved lifecycle control

Collected data supports maintenance of electrical systems and improves awareness of system performance.


How we can support your fleet

Accurate and precise technical support and advice
By collecting data with high sampling rate from entire propulsion chain and using advanced diagnostic functionality, this simplifies the fault-finding process and reduces the time-to-repair factor.

Using data to build long-term digital replica of electrical system
This is done by collecting and storing equipment data in cloud systems and analyzing trends by ABB’s Technical Experts. The goal is to perform simulations and back trace potential faults.

Fleet Intelligence: detailed insight into operational data of onboard equipment
By enabling online access to collected data via Fleet Intelligence’s interactive dashboards. 

Fleet Intelligence: Weekly Reports
Dedicated, system-centric reports, with weekly reviews from ABB’s Collaborative Operations Center Experts. Accessible online via Fleet Intelligence.  
Two service levels

We have divided our services into two levels from which our customers can choose to best match their needs: Preventive Light and Preventive. Each of these levels have our 24/7 Care Technical Support as a basis, as well as our standard monitoring, data consistency and remote services included. Depending on client needs, within the Preventive Light level, additional services such as access to Fleet Intelligence and the System Security Update Service can be utilized.


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