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With 24/7 care we cover the world with a 24/7 up-to-speed support for our customers and their vessels sailing. Altogether we have nine Collaborative Operations Centers, providing support and troubleshooting, so technical issues get solved quickly and efficient. The centers in Singapore, Norway and USA (FL) function as 24/7 centers while the centers in Italy, Finland, Netherlands, and Shanghai provide detailed product expertise.


With 24/7 support, we help vessels to achieve maximum operational availability through guaranteed response time and dedicated product expertise coming from our Collaboration Centers, that all have access to the same vessel data.


Because of the ‘one ABB’ approach together with our ‘bridge to propeller’ philosophy, we are able to provide a broad range of services and components, in most cases coming from our own factories. This leads to time and cost savings for our clients.

Safety & Sustainability

Remotely addressing the root cause of a problem and possible equipment malfunctions, limiting the need to send a service engineer to the vessel, increases the safety and sustainability of (service) operations.


As our customers have different needs, we have designed different service levels to respond to these needs. Customer can choose from a more basic frame agreement type of service to service levels where we add on-line and pro-active services. As a customer, you can choose how you want to be served.

Key benefits

  • 24/7 support across the globe
  • Direct access to system experts
  • One stop shop for support services and components
  • Maximum uptime and vessel availability
  • Increasing safety and sustainability by offering remote support
  • Three different service levels depending on client wishes and vessel operations.
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