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Onboard Microgrid

Overcome your power distribution challenges to achieve better energy management

As the importance of protecting our waterways grows, vessels must evolve to operate smarter and cleaner. ABB's Onboard Microgrid is a hybrid power distribution system that lets operators achieve these efficiencies while also reducing costs. 

Compact: small footprint, engine room friendly, more room for payload
Compatible: connects to multiple hybrid power sources to support varying load demands
Compliant: meets increasing noise, emission and fuel consumption regulations
Easy: pre-engineered, all-in-one system for straightforward installation





Apply more economical power from shore power suppliers at costs lower than operating your diesel engines.

Reduce diesel consumption by "peak shaving" and using stored electrical power for low-power functions, such as maneuvering, port time, and dynamic positioning.

Go fully electric, eliminating your diesel engines and replacing them with batteries and shore power charging.

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