Onboard Microgrid

A compact DC distribution solution for easy connection to green power sources

As the importance of protecting our waterways grows, vessels must evolve to operate smarter and cleaner. ABB's Onboard Microgrid is a hybrid power distribution system that lets operators achieve these efficiencies while also reducing costs. 

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Comply with regulations

Ability to integrate with zero-emission energy sources

Compact solutions

Compact solution reducing space requirements

Easy installation

Simplified design for easy installation

The heart of the system

ABB Onboard Microgrid is built around the OMD880LC multi-drive unit, designed for marine power generation and propulsion drive applications. The drive houses up to five converter modules and one AC module for AC network supply, all connected to an internal DC bus, so each power source and consumer can be controlled and optimized independently. 


Onboard Microgrid – simplified power system integration

The ABB Onboard Microgrid provides the benefits of hybrid DC-power systems and electric propulsion to smaller vessels serving inland waterways and short sea shipping. Power and energy management functions support battery energy storage systems, shaft generator and shore connection as energy sources. The Onboard Microgrid can also be used as a traditional diesel-electric drive train without energy storage or shore connection systems which results in an automated high-power fast charging system for full electric zero emission operation.

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