Wireless Protocol Gateway ARP600

Wireless Protocol Gateway ARP600 provides wireless monitoring and control of field devices via cellular network from a central site or control center. The devices offer industrial quality connectivity for the IEC 60870 and Modbus based protocols. Wireless Protocol Gateway ARP600 exhibits integrated communication capability and seamless integration to SCADA systems.

Not active product since October 2017

Wireless Protocol Gateway ARP600 is a member of ABB’s Arctic product family and part of its 600 Wireless Gateway product series.


  •  The Wireless Protocol Gateway ARP600 is a perfect fit for applications where protocol conversion is needed. The gateways are able to convert between IEC101 and IEC104 as well as Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP. This functionality allows the user to integrate serial devices into a TCP/IP-based central
    control system. ARP600 gateways also include the functionality of ARG600 Wireless Gateways.

Product benefits

Wireless Protocol Gateway ARP600 can be utilized for various industrial and utility applications to maximize the following benefits:

  • Integrated protocol conversion – enables connecting legacy serial-based devices into a TCP/IP-based supervisory control system (SCADA)
  • Ideal for retrofitting – allows the user to extend the life cycle of existing serial-based substation devices thanks to the integrated protocol converter
  • Remote access to field devices means less site visits for operations and maintenance
  • Industrial grade TCP/IP router: Several serial and TCP/IP based field devices can be integrated into a central supervisory and control system (SCADA)
  • Optimizing the cost of communication by using public cellular networks

Key features include:

  • Wireless monitoring and control of IEC-101, IEC-104 and Modbus field devices via a cellular network
  • Protocol converter for multiple communication protocols
  • Enables always-on TCP/IP routing and serial over TCP/IP based two-way communication
  • Arctic Patrol - connectivity supervision of the communication
  • Secure communication maintained with VPN and Firewall
  • All functionality from ARG600

Typically, several ARP600 Wireless Controllers or other Arctic 600 series gateways are combined with the ARM600 M2M Gateway to form a reliable and secure communication system for any utility or industrial application.

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