Service agreements - ABB Power Care

Operate and serve low and medium voltage equipment installed at your site together with ABB - at optimized, predictable costs and based on the agreed level of support and processes.

What is most important for your field of business? We assist with a solution that brings peace of mind, meets your needs, and ensures cost-efficiency in your operations. Because the ABB service contract can be designed business-specifically, it helps your investments produce the maximum benefits for operations and competitiveness. Modules from different levels in the matrix can be freely combined to choose what fits your needs best.
Service Agreement Entry Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Skills Development Services Product Training List
Option: MyABB Portal
Product Training Application Training Coaching Services
Emergency Maintenance Services Single Point of Contact
Option: MyABB Portal
Technical Support with agreed response time
Call-out Support with agreed response time
Spare Parts Assessment and Management
Diagnosis & Condition Assessment Services Documentation of Installed Base and Preliminary Survey 
Option: MyABB Portal
Asset Condition and Risk Assessment
Option: MySite Condition
Asset Monitoring
Option: SwiCom / ABB Ability / ABB CMES
Remote Asset Monitoring
Option:SwiCom / ABB Ability / CMES
Self-Maintenance Services Installed Base Life Cycle Status Report
Option: MyABB Portal
Manuals and Instructions On-line
Option: My ABB Portal
On-Line Support for Self-maintenance
File Storage
Option: DataCare
Delivered Maintenance Services Periodic Technical Assessment
Option: MyABB Portal
Product Services
Option: SWAPS
Advanced Product Services
Option: OneFit
Full Switchgear Services

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