IEC air insulated switchgear UniGear ZS3.2

Medium voltage (MV) switchgear for primary distribution for 40.5 kV suitable for indoor installations

UniGear ZS3.2 is a medium voltage, metal-clad air-insulated switchgear (AIS) suitable for indoor installations. It has a modular design with aligned standard units equipped with floor-mounted breakers. The arc-proof units have been tested in compliance with IEC standards.

Product scope 

  • Rated voltage: 40.5 kV
  • Rated main busbar current: ...3150 A
  • Rated short time current: ...31.5 kA/4s
  • Rated power frequency withstand voltage: 95 kV/1min
  • Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage: 185 kV

Key benefits

  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Increased personnel safety as all operations can be done in front of the device with the door closed
  • Safety interlock to avoid maloperation and fully arc-proof
  • Reliable and robust 
  • Compact design for optimized use of space 

Key features
  • Type tested for IEC, GB/DL standards and GOST specification
  • Internal arc classifications (IAC): AFLR 31.5 kA /1s
  • LSC2B-PM design, metallic segregation of all compartments
  • Capacitive current breaking: 800A
  • Various panels meets wide range of customer requirements
  • Vacuum breaker or SF6 breaker technology available in floor-rolling design

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