Life-cycle Management

Management of products and related services throughout the entire business life cycle

ABB’s products undergo continuous improvement. We are transparent about our products' life cycle and support our customers in managing a smooth transition through the different life cycle stages.

Life-cycle management (LCM) is the process that enables ABB to innovate and manage the products and related services throughout the entire business life cycle. Through the LCM process, we manage the entire life cycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacture to service.

Our expertise

The ABB life-cycle management process originates from:

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IEC 62402, IEC Application Guide about Obsolescence Management, which stresses the importance of managing obsolescence as an integral part of the design, development, production and in-service support of a product.

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Extensive, lengthy experience of ABB for the management of products and their life cycle.

Life-cycle Management phases and process

Life-cycle Management updates

ABB products are designed for continuous evolution. The Life-Cycle Management process supports ABB and our customers to properly manage products’ transition through the different lifecycle phases.

ABB is committed to keeping customers informed about product life cycles through regular updates. You can monitor the life cycle status of your installed base via the following pages.

Life-cycle status for

Life-cycle status for


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