IEC air insulated motor control center UniGear MCC

A real 400 A load current with double fuses per phase in a 400 mm wide contactor panel up to 12 kV

UniGear MCC as an air-insulated medium-voltage motor control center is designed specifically for motor, transformer and capacitor bank switching.
UniGear MCC is the result of many years of experience with the design, manufacturing and application of vacuum contactors across the entire range of industrial and utility installations.  

Product range

  • Rated voltage up to 12 kV
  • Rated feeder current up to 400 A, max 3000 kVA motors
  • Rated short time current up to 50 kA/3s *

Key benefits

  • Slim panel measures only 400 mm in width
  • Suitable for motor applications like: Reverse operation; Star-delta motor starting; Reactor motor starting; Auto-transformer motor starting
  • Operator safety: the earthing switch is automatically operated by the movement of the vacuum contactor
  • Suitable for applications with high level of switching operations

Key features

  • Standards: IEC, GOST, GB/DL
  • Design: LSC-2A, PM    
  • Internal arc class: A FLR *
  • Contactor suitable for 1 000 000 of mechanical operations
  • Switchgear can be back to wall installed
  • Available in Digital version

* Limited by the fuses

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