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Oil and Gas

Late life and decommissioning

ABB provides an extensive range of service, consulting and technology to support operators in maximizing the economic recovery from assets in late life operations, for both onshore and offshore facilities.

This includes:

  • Process Safety
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Asset Integrity and Inspection
  • Maintenance and Reliability Optimization
  • Management of Redundant Equipment (MoRE)
  • End of Life Decommissioning Feasibility / Liability Estimates
  • Reduction in Facility running costs going towards Decommissioning

Having to consider the process of closing assets in high hazard industries, or part of assets, due to current market conditions , is a reality of the current economy.

At ABB our consultants, engineers and industry specialists work across a broad range of industry sectors, drawing on our unique heritage of being a past operator and wealth of hands on experience.

This experience helps ensure the end of life of an asset is not just a negative spend, but with the experience that ABB’s subject matter expert’s have and with detailed planning and preparation it will help to ensure maximum economic benefit to the operator whilst maintaining legal compliance and reputation.

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