Revamp your existing OCR systems

Aging cameras and other equipment in an OCR system decrease the accuracy and thus the performance of the system. Revamping your existing OCR system is a good way to take advantage of the initial investment and the benefits of the latest technologies, such as AI-based identification and verification features. By modernizing your system you can benefit from high resolution images reducing exceptions by nearly 100% accuracy, adding modern image detection capabilities such as door direction, seal detection, IMDG label detection and classification.

Our service teams can support you in reaching the top-notch accuracy and efficiency by:

  • re-using your existing installation, e.g. portal structures, network and electrical infrastructure (from ABB or other suppliers)
  • replacing aged system components
  • modernizing to the latest technology
  • deploying a modern exception handling application.

Check the video about how Fenix Marine Services upgraded their OCR systems for the future.

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