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10 strong reasons for choosing ABB as your partner and solutions provider

1 Why ABB

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of advanced automation, instrumentation, electrical, optimization and service solutions for all water applications, with unrivalled process expertise, market and technology leadership in industrial digitalization, and a strong global footprint with operations in more than 100 countries.

2 Applications where we make the difference

  • Desalination plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Water distribution networks
  • Irrigation systems
  • Water transmission systems
  • Pumping stations
  • Waterways and coastal protection

3 Integrated automation and electrical solutions

We provide complete and fully integrated instrumentation, control and electrical (ICE) packages for all water applications and cover the entire project life cycle from design and engineering to installation and commissioning.

ABB has a truly comprehensive portfolio of digitally enabled power, automation and instrumentation products, ranging from motors and drives to transformers; high, medium and low voltage equipment; measurement and analytics devices and wireless communication networks.

4 World leader in digital and control

  • Thanks to our strong industrial focus, ABB has the world’s largest installed base of digitally enabled and connected devices:
  • 70 million digitally enabled devices
  • 70,000 digital control systems
  • 6,000 enterprise-level software solutions
  • 50 cloud-based services and analytics

We are also the world’s leading supplier of distributed control systems., both in general and in industries like oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining and metals, and power generation.

With around 20% market share across industries, ABB is the leader in digitally enabled control and automation, according to industry analysts, ARC Advisory and Frost & Sullivan.

5 Total automation for water facilities

ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus is one of the most widely used DCS and SCADA systems in water applications worldwide.

Symphony® Plus maximizes efficiency and reliability through automation, integration and optimization of the entire plant, network or facility. It provides simple, scalable, seamless and secure total plant automation, including tight integration of all control equipment and geographical information systems.

Symphony® Plus is part of the ABB Ability™ portfolio of unified, cross-industry digital solutions that enable businesses to harness the power of industrial data and generate actionable insights that help them drive performance and productivity improvements.

With its built-for-purpose platform, Symphony® Plus satisfies performance objectives in operations, maintenance, engineering, IT and management. And it meets the key focus areas of markets served - plant productivity, energy efficiency, operational and cyber security, plant safety and cost of ownership.

6 Smart cities need smart utilities

Digitalization enables water companies to manage their assets more efficiently and integrate their plants and networks with other municipal services to create a smart city that uses resources optimally to improve residents’ wellbeing.

ABB solutions help water companies become smart – through digitalization, advanced SCADA and distributed control systems, measurement and analytics, communication systems, energy efficiency, pump optimization, leak detection and event management, and predictive maintenance.

For instance, in the city of Västerås, Sweden, we are developing smart city solutions with multi-utility Mälarenergi to optimize its water, wastewater, power and district heating networks, reduce energy use and non-revenue water, and create new consumer apps and services to enhance the wellbeing of the city’s residents and the success of its businesses.

7 Advanced optimization

ABB advanced digital services include a suite of optimization solutions to increase productivity and production flexibility, enable predictive maintenance and improve availability, and optimize set-points, schedules and asset life cycles. These widely proven and industry renowned services include:

OPTIMAX® Membrane Performance

Monitors and predicts reverse osmosis membrane fouling status, determines when cleaning/flushing is required and tunes parameters to maximize production, reduce operating and maintenance costs and extend membrane life.

TaKaDu Water Infrastructure Monitoring

In collaboration with our partner, TaKaDu, our software-as-a-service solution uses advanced algorithms to detect, alert, manage and provide real-time insights into leaks, bursts and other water network inefficiencies.

Water transfer leakage detection

Detects leaks to within 3 percent of the source in pipeline segments, which can be hundreds of km in length, thereby minimizing loss, simplifying maintenance and reducing operating and service costs.

PumpFit pump group control

Optimizes the number of running pumps within a pump group to minimize power consumption and release operators from manual operation.

PEMS pump efficiency monitoring system

Provides real-time information on mechanical pump efficiency – independent of pump operating point, flow, succession and delivery pressure – to give insight into the health of the pumps or pump-ing stations.

8 Collaborative Operations

Close collaboration between partners is vital to reap the full benefits that digitalization and data analytics offer.

Our ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations Center for Water connects ABB with the customer’s HQ and production facilities, turning plant and fleet data into actionable information.

We combine:

  • Process engineering knowledge
  • Water application expertise and deep field service experience

with digital technologies to create remote-enabled interactive environments that provide:

  • Incident identification
  • Predictive notification of imminent events, and
  • Detailed data analytics

The center is connected to almost 700 customer sites, delivering a broad suite of advanced services in asset health, predictive maintenance, performance optimization and cyber security.

9 ABB Water Care service

ABB Water Care is a complete service offering that raises the performance of the plant’s automation and electrical assets, its operations and maintenance staff, and the production process during the life cycle of the facility.


Our life-cycle approach to plant and fleet service:

  • Improves plant performance and reliability
  • Extends asset and plant operating life
  • Protects equipment and intellectual investments
  • Brings budget stability and predictability
  • Supports plant operations and engineering staff

10 Your partner across the complete life cycle

ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus

Total plant automation for water

Symphony® Plus provides simple, scalable, seamless and secure total plant automation for the benefit of all its users:


  • Simple system architecture serves the diversified plant fleets of water companies
  • Simple workflow automation to engineer, configure, secure, commission and maintain the entire system


Scalable control platform to automate all areas within the plant

Scalable and flexible system architecture to support small, large and multi-system configurations


  • Seamless integration of all plant devices and systems - automation and electrical, business and maintenance
  • Seamless and incremental integration of new products, technologies and functionalities


  • Secure and reliable control environment to prevent unauthorized access
  • Secures previous investments in control system assets and intellectual property

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