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The right mix of people and digital technology

Expertise at your fingertips, and in person to give you an unrivalled low cost of ownership

The right mix of service levels

Measurement Care - delivering what you need the most, within your budget

Basic Agreement

We cut complexity with professional contract management

Rapid Response

We guarantee fast and flexible response to maximize your equipment uptime

Lifecycle Management

We employ powerful tools and knowledge to optimize and extend your equipment life

Performance Improvement

We optimize connectivity, reliability and efficiency of your assets to increase speed and yield

At ABB, we are on a mission to control your costs, cut complexity and make your CAPEX go further. That's why we offer a tiered range of services to deliver what you need the most and work within your budget. These customized ABB Measurement Care packages will meet your service needs, improve your production efficiency and reduce your capital outlay. In short, we provide a full range of life cycle services in a single service agreement to keep your processes moving. Together, we can utilize this modular framework to select a service package that meets your needs.

We will be there for you, during the full lifecycle of your emission monitoring application. It begins with product selection, equipment installation, commissioning and training. In the operational phase the focus shifts to spare parts, consumables, maintenance, technical support and repairs. As time moves on, extensions, upgrades and retrofits are the order of the day. And, when twilight finally comes it's time to consider replacement and end-of-life services. Working with ABB means unrivalled value for money for emission monitoring compliance.

Innovative digital solutions from ABB Ability™

Leading CEMS gas analyzers, services and digial solutions combine to deliver unrivalled value for money

ABB Ability™ is a range of innovative digital solutions. They are already being used all around the world by CEMS operators to control the cost of compliance, cut complexity and stretch their CAPEX investment further. The combination of our world-class gas analyzers, expert services and these digital innovations adds up to give you unrivalled value for money.

Remote Assistance is providing immediate problem resolution to reduce downtime and reducing the training requirements for your staff. Visual Remote Support are making maintenance safer and more effective to protect your staff and your assets. Dynamic QR Codes give you total control of the information that you share with use for remote trouble shooting. And our App, myIB pulls together information about your complete installed base of CEMS devices.

These are new solutions, but they are immediately proving their value in the field and success stories from all around the world in a wide rage of industry sectors keep rolling in.

We're there whenever you need us

One of our 600 certified service experts will guide you, even if they are in another continent

ABB Measurement Care services to get you back on line faster to ensure compliance and continue profitable operations

The holy grail of any CEMS installation is to achieve 100% measurement accuracy 100% of the time. Thousands of CEMS installation operators worldwide rely on an ABB Measurement Care service package to help them get closer to that holy grail. FTIR instrumentation is commonly used for the most complex CEMS applications, for example waste incineration or the co-combustion of fossil fuels with biomass or waste. ABB’s ACF5000 is arguably the benchmark in the sector. With around 2000 installed units worldwide and an average availability exceeding 98%, this technology is well on the way towards the 100% up-time target. But we’re not standing still. The reliability of our FTIR is already very high and we continue to innovate to take it even higher.

Digital innovations are being integrated into the ABB Measurement Care service offers to help you get closer to 100% uptime availability for your ACF5000. Much of the service work on your ACF5000 can be done using a planned preventative maintenance schedule to ensure that problems are avoided. However, on occasions there are also reactive call outs for the service team and a rapid response to deliver the right spare parts can mean the difference between 97 and 98% uptime… a small change in the performance but a big difference in terms of legislative compliance for you as the CEMS system operator.

As part of the ABB Ability™ range of digital solutions, Dynamic QR codes are making this step change in performance possible. We can display Dynamic QR codes on the control panel of our latest FTIR instrumentation and all products of our complete portfolio. In addition to static information for system identification, the Dynamic QR code displays the latest system configuration data and the real-time analyzer health status. It is compatible with standard QR code reader apps that end users will have on their mobile phone or tablet. It also communicates with our proprietary App called ‘my Installed Base (myIB)’. The idea is that the instrument owner can send our service team real time information so that our engineer can respond immediately with remote support or with a site visit and fix the issue. The days of ABB engineers arriving, looking at the instrument and then driving back to the depot to pick up the relevant spare parts are history!

Some of the most hotly debated topics in this digital age are data privacy and data security. This issue is more topical than ever with the recent introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The ABB technology is sensitive to this issue because there is no permanent data transfer from your ACF5000 FTIR unit to our systems. We are not collecting data about emissions levels and you, the operator, are fully in control of the information that you share with us through this Dynamic QR code system.

Year on year maintenance cost reductions

The business case for digitalization is undisputed

Maintenance frequency reduction through ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for measurement devices

Would you climb the stack if you did not need to? Certainly not! Maintenance can be avoided if it can be shown to be redundant. That saves time, cost and improves safety. Digitalized services, such as the ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring solution, have enabled our expert engineers to work with CEMS operators to jointly review the health and status of their CEMS gas analyzers. We can help to diagnose problems remotely to ensure that little glitches are fixed before they escalate to down-time concerns. And, what's more, if everything is just fine – we'll say so. We'll stay at home and save you the bill. Our service teams are busy enough, we can wait until something really needs our attention before we come to you for the next service visit.

One of the largest utility companies in Italy was targeting immediate cost-savings and looking for a reliable service provider to support their installed CEMS base across 13 sites. They requirement was a single supplier capable to deliver 24/7 support and reduce labor costs, without compromising service quality. To meet the cost-saving target, ABB offered a holistic approach including a standardized maintenance strategy across the 13 sites with 24/7 rapid response and optimized routine services. Making the most of our digital solutions, ABB Ability™Condition Monitoring was implemented and the monthly review of the CEMS devices resulted in a maximized data reporting up-time and yielded a satisfying labor cost reduction at the same time. It's through case studies like this that we have become certain that we deliver unrivaled value for money for your emission monitoring compliance systems.

ABB service teams are always ready to support you. But if you would prefer to track your installed base of ABB gas analyzers yourself, we've got the digital tools for that too. The ABB Ability™ range of digital solutions includes an App called myIB which allows you to see what‘s going on from the comfort of your office, sofa, from the big game or on the train. Let's hope you get paid for all those extra hours you'll be able to work remotely to monitor your CEMS systems!


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