Electrical System Health Check

Addresses how reliability can be improved, availability increased, and service needs prioritized

Ensuring the reliability of your system​

ABB strategic assessments explain the status of the plant condition and address how reliability can be improved, availability increased, and service needs prioritized, to ensure the highest return on investment, such as:

  • Cost savings – uncover opportunities to prevent costly downtime and production interruptions.

  • Risk mitigation – identify potential risks and develop mitigation plans to prevent incidents.
  • Access to leading industry best practices – Trained and certified engineers to assess your system and provide advise tailored to your site condition.​

Our expertise

competent specialist on electrical components​

points checked during the site assessment

130 years
of Experience in Electrical Engineering​​

Our offer

ABB offering for Electrical System Health Check is composed by the below services:​

  • Non-intrusive: a walkthrough assessment that visually evaluates and inspects key electrical assets in the electrical substation. Covers the electrical room and hardware conditions, without the need to de-energize the plant​.


  • Comprehensive: ​builds on the non-intrusive assessment with more detailed verification. For safety reasons, this assessment must be conducted with a de-energized system.​


  • Earthing/grounding Health Check: it is an add on for the non-intrusive and Comprehensive service. It is a walkthrough assessment to inspect the condition of earthing electrodes and the equipotential bonding.


  • Lighting and Socket Check: check other components present in the electrical room such as lighting luminaires, receptacles & sockets, temporary installation and Instrumentation.​

  • Upgrade Assessment: Provides a roadmap for equipment upgrades and a retrofit program to extend the lifetime of an asset. Gives expert support to identify correct spare parts based on equipment condition and criticality. Provides insight into equipment status and identifies associated production risks due to limited  or obsolete offerings​​.

Services in action

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