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PROFIBUS - Junctions & Connectors

The best connection you ever get - It fits to every topology



ABB offers a wide range of T-junction for PROFIBUS PA and especially also for DP networks.

  • PROFIBUS DP junction (IP 66)
    1 output channel, Aluminum or Stainless steel
  • PROFIBUS PA junction (IP 66)
    1 or 4 output channel, Aluminum, Ex(Haz.) or Non-Ex area
  • For details see data sheet

NPJ1x0-NO (IP 66)
NPJ4x0-EX (IP 66)
It fits to every topology.
PROFIBUS Junction. It fits to every topology.

ABB offers a wide range of connectors (M12 and SUB-D) for PROFIBUS DP/PA cable.

  • PROFIBUS DP connectors (M12 or SUB-D)
  • PROFIBUS PA connectors (M12)
  • For details see data sheet
PROFIBUS Connectors. The best connection your ever get.


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ABB offer a full range of PROFIBUS & FOUNDATION fieldbus services to support you and your processes.  See details at Fieldbus Service

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