ABB’s largest electromagnetic flowmeter will help address water scarcity in Saudi Arabia

A super-sized electromagnetic flowmeter produced by ABB is on its way to Saudi Arabia where it will help supply fresh water to the region as part of a desalination project.

ABB’s instrumentation factory in Shanghai, China, recently completed the production, calibration, and shipping of the biggest electromagnetic flowmeter made by the company to date.

The DN3000 flowmeter has an inner diameter of three meters and is the first large-scale device developed and calibrated at the Shanghai factory, demonstrating its impressive engineering capabilities.

Supplying fresh water to the city of Medina

The flowmeter was designed for the Yanbu project – a seawater desalination project in Saudi Arabia that will supply fresh water to the city of Medina and its surroundings, impacting the livelihoods of more than 1,5 million people.

Together with other ABB devices commissioned for the project, it will be used to address the water scarcity in the region. More than 60 per-cent of Saudi Arabia's drinking water comes from desalination.

“I am proud that our work supports the most complex infrastructures and operations in the world and helps the world meet the needs of a growing population,” says Hymer-ShiPing Wen, General Manager of the Shanghai factory.

Better equipment, performance, and efficiency

The Shanghai factory is ABB’s main hub for the production and calibration of electromagnetic flowmeters and, as such, owns ABB's largest flow calibration device.

Up until now, the largest flowmeter calibrated at the factory had a diameter of 2,4 meters.

“The new super-sized flowmeter is a milestone for us. The increase in calibration capabilities significantly improves our capacity to produce large-diameter electromagnetic flowmeters,” says Hymer-ShiPing Wen.

In recent months, ABB staff have worked hard to improve production capacity and cooperation efficiency.

“We focused on renovating the equipment and tooling for assembly and welding stations, as well as upgrading the calibration device,” says Ricky-WeiQi Jiang, Product Manager, Electromagnetic Flowmeters at ABB.

All this made possible the smooth delivery of the large-scale electromagnetic flowmeter which is now headed to Saudi Arabia.

  • The DN3000 flowmeter has an inner diameter of three meters.
  • Applying finishing touches to the first ABB large-scale electromagnetic flowmeter.
  • The device demonstrates the impressive engineering capabilities of ABB.


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