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EPCs and consultants partnering with ABB for profit and growth

Our extensive portfolio of projects makes ABB one of the most experienced and successful contractors in the engineering & consulting , installation, commissionning & construction services. We are particularly conversant with projects located in remote and often environmentally hostile regions of the world, where the logistical constraints of moving procured equipment, bulk materials, construction equipment and labour to multiple work-fronts creates a major challenge. We have also learned to cope with difficult and time-consuming customs controls and inland freight management in various countries around the world.

We also want professional 3rd party solution providers to add more strength and profit together for even greater success, to join us in a partnership for growth and profit. Finding the best technology solution for your project is easy with ABB’s comprehensive power and automation product portfolio and extensive technical documentation.  

We offer highly functional and easy to deploy products to support a wide range of projects. And we support EPCs and consultants at each stage of their projects, with design software, training materials, configuration and product selection tools.

A legally and financially-sound business, demonstrated growth, plus documented engineering capabilities are good starting points. As is ambition and determination. If you would like to join us in growth, start by getting in touch with us. You could soon enjoy the privilege of introducing yourself as a member of the ABB Value Provider Program. This means greater market exposure and business opportunities, participation in joint strategic sales and marketing initiatives, and access to a broad and growing customer base. Being a channel partner also means having support in the areas of marketing, sales, technical services and training.

Looking where to buy?

For end-users, working with EPCs and consultants authorized by ABB means having immediate access to experts with world-class skills and resources, plus an in-depth understanding of local business needs and conditions. A local supplier can also impact on implementation costs and speed.

Want to become an ABB EPC partner?

ABB’s focus on EPCs aims to build on synergies between the breadth and quality of ABB’s portfolio, and the particular strengths of EPCs and consultants in market sectors


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