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ABB’s engineering, manufacturing and logistics capabilities combined with OEMs' detailed local market knowledge and expertise to serve the customers across the world

ABB is committed to create high-value partnerships with OEMs, panel builders and machine builders by providing a comprehensive product portfolio, partner programs and cooperation models that embrace a wide range of power and automation products.

In addition to the brand and technology advantage, ABB also strives to provide strong support to OEM channels. ABB has tailored a business model that provides flexibility for channel partners to choose where in the value chain they want to position themselves. Based on this model, ABB has developed a series of modular OEM partner programs in which ABB combines its product offering with a technical support program as part of a holistic approach that meets an OEM’s requirements for different markets and segments.

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ABB’s focus on OEMs aims to build on synergies between the breadth and quality of ABB’s portfolio, and the particular strengths of OEMs in market sectors

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