System Overview of the Freelance DCS

The Freelance DCS provides both, operator level and process level. The operator or HMI level contains the functions for operation, process monitoring, archives and logs, trends and alarms. Open-loop and closed-loop control functions are processed in the controllers, which communicate with actors and sensors in the field.

Freelance operator level
Freelance Operations
 (DigiVis) provides HMI functionality and runs on a simple PC-environment under Microsoft Windows. It supports dual-monitor operation to stay continuously tuned with essential information like the alarm list, while inspecting at the same time for example the progress of a sequential function chart, trend archives, or the system display with extended diagnostics.

Freelance Engineering
The Freelance engineering station is used to configure and commission the system including the operator interface. Usually, portable equipment such as laptops, which allow configuration both in the office and on site, can be used.

The Freelance process level
A Freelance system can consist of between one and several AC 700FAC 800F or AC 900F controllers and can be extended with different types of I/O units. You have the option of configuring your system either standard or fully redundant. The connection to the Freelance control network is achieved via Ethernet.

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  • Scalable system structure: The Freelance DCS can be easily scaled up from a small system of a few I/Os to a large system of up to thousands of I/Os. Expansion can be done with minimal engineering effort.  Learn more...
  • Reliability: The technology has proven its worth in industrial use over several years and meets the toughest requirements regarding availability. The hardware can be structured redundantly at all levels. This includes the redundant fieldbus modules, redundant fieldbus lines as well as network and controller redundancy. Learn more...
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