What is new in Freelance 2019?

With this Freelance version we introduce a host of new features which improves the system in all areas: scalability, usability, connectivity, compatibility and security

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Freelance 2019 is a full-fledged distributed control system that combines the advantages of both worlds - DCS and PLC. It offers the small footprint of a PLC, together with the full functionality of a DCS. The integrated environment simplifies engineering, commissioning, maintenance and fieldbus management. ABB is going to the next big step on the success story of Freelance. With this new version the Freelance Distributed Control System is even more attractive than before for both new projects and its huge installed base.

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Freelance Operations

Freelance Operations received various improvements in terms of the User Interface and User Experience. The new Freelance Operations leans on the High Performance HMI style while making sure that experienced users from former Freelance versions still feel confident. To give some examples: The usage on larger screens or for touch support on Panel PCs has been improved with a bigger icon bar and message line as well as enlarged fonts. For faster navigation, additional tabs for Display History and Display Favorites has been introduced.

The Display Explorer and the Trend displays now have additional search functionality. For improved Security, the automatic Logoff after a configurable timeout has now been implemented. Like previous versions, all exiting user applications are 100% compatible with the new Freelance version.

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Freelance Engineering

With focus on Engineering Efficiency we improved all filtering and sorting functionality. Also the auto routing capabilities in the Function Block Diagram editor has been improved. With this new version it is possible to backup / restore the whole project application file including all operator graphic displays, logic programs, and even field device parameters directly via SD Card within the controller (AC 700F and AC 900F).

Freelance supports the IEC 61131-3 languages (FBD, IL, LD, SFC, and ST). Through these standardized programming languages and graphical user interface, creation of application programs becomes child's play. 

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Security improvements

Freelance 2019 extends its User Management capabilities known from “Security Lock” by an alternative solution called “Extended User Management”. This new option makes use of Windows User accounts, local as well as domain accounts are supported. With this new option typical requests like a central password management, rules for password complexity, or password aging can be fulfilled. For compatibility reasons, “Security Lock” is still supported as an option. Customers now have the possibility to choose between these options.

Benefits of the new version at a glance

• Enhanced scalability: New PM 904F expands the AC 900F controller family in the upper range
• Improved usability: Freelance provides significant increase of efficiency for Operations and Engineering
• More connectivity: Four (4) communication Interfaces in new AC 900F with PM 904F controller
• Enhanced Security: New Extended User Management based on Windows User accounts
• As a matter of course, Freelance Version 2019 still supports Freelance hardware from its first version
• Compatibility: Freelance 2019 runs on Windows 10 and Windows 7

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