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Field Information Manager Connectivity to Profinet

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Field Information Manager supports connectivity to Profinet devices and the Field Communication Interface CI845 with S800 IO and Select IO.
Supported System 800xA versions: SV6.1 onwards.

General Information

FIM Profinet Connect is an FDI Communication server and allows FIM access to Profinet devices.
01 Connecting to PROFINET - One Domain Network_B
The FIM Profinet Connect is a windows service. A failing start of the FIM Profinet Connect service will leave a message in the application event log of the operating system.

Configuration Change of the Connect Service
If the configuration of the Connect Service has changed, a restart of the computer or server node running the Connect Service is required. Only by doing so, it can be ensured that the recent changes are taken over.
This is explicitly required if e.g. the IP configuration of the network adapter (that is assigned to the FIM Profinet Connect Service) has changed.

Security Options

Simple Security Setup
To simplify the security configuration for projects with lower security requirements, a quick but less secure setup option is provided. This setup uses self-signed security certificates. Self-signed certificates are not issued by a certificate authority that is considered trust-worthy. To decide if this is acceptable for you, consider at least the following impacts of self-signed certificates:

  • Self-signed certificates must be set up on the client machine to establish the trust relationship on the side that needs to accept the certificates.
  • It is the responsibility of the administrator to make sure that the self-signed certificate is not modified or replaced by someone before it is installed on the client machine.
  • It is the responsibility of the administrator to make sure that no one outside the trust relationship gets access to the self-signed certificate.

Security setup of the ABB FIMProfinetConnect service
The ABB FIM Profinet Connect setup installs a windows service named "ABB FIMProfinetConnect". You can find the service in the MMC snap in for services ("services.msc"). The following figure shows the properties of the service. Set the startup type of the service to "Automatic (Delayed Start)" or depending on your needs. The service does not require startup parameters.

Service FIM Profinet Properties

Setup Instruction - One Domain Network

Connects are installed on different computers. However, using only one computer for FIM and Profinet Communication Server is supported as well. The computer on which FIM is installed will be referred to as the FIM computer; the computer with the FIM Profinet Connect setup will be called Profinet Communication Server.
Please ensure:

  • that the Profinet Communication Server has an Ethernet port configured for Profinet.
  • that FIM has been started once. This ensures that an FIM application certificate has been generated, which is required for some of the steps below.
  • that WinPcap 4.1.3 or later is installed on the Profinet Communication Server before installing FIM Profinet Connect.
  1. Run the FIMProfinetConnect.Setup.msi on the Profinet Communication Server.
  2. Run command prompt as administrator and go to Program Files (x86)\ABB\ABB FIMProfinetConnect via command line
    cd \Program Files (x86)\ABB\ABB FIMProfinetConnect
  3. Use the command line below to list the available network adapters:
    ABB.DM.Connect.Profinet.CommServer.Config.exe ListNetworkAdapters
  4. Use MAC address of the Profinet adapter from the command above as a parameter for the following command line:
    ABB.DM.Connect.Profinet.CommServer.Config.exe SelectNetworkAdapter <<MAC Address>>
    Since the Profinet Service is not running yet, you should see the feedback: Service is Stopped
  5. Communication between FIM and FIM Profinet Connect requires the exchange of certificates on both ends. Use an exchange storage accessible on both ends for this purpose. This can be a shared folder or a USB drive. Make sure that you restrict access to the storage. If you use a USB drive, make sure it is password protected. The following steps assume that D:\ is the path to that storage.
  6. The following command will create the folder ClientInstall on the exchange storage. The folder contains a certificate and a script for the FIM client computer setup.
    ABB.DM.Connect.Profinet.CommServer.Config.exe InstallSelfSignedServerCertificate D:\
  7. Confirm your intent by typing YES
    On completion of the command, a folder named ClientInstall exists on your exchange storage.
  8. Please connect the USB flash drive to the FIM client computer, open the ClientInstall folder and run the TrustServerCertificate.bat script.
  9. On the FIM computer, open the ClientInstall folder and run the TrustServerCertificate.bat script.
  10. The previous step has installed the certificate on the FIM client computer, but also created the folder ClientInstall\ServerInstall on the exchange storage. This folder contains the FIM client certificate, which must be installed on the Profinet Communication Server.
  11. On the Profinet Communication Server, use the exchange storage as follows: Open the folder ClientInstall\ServerInstall and run the TrustClientCertificate.bat script.
  12. Ensure that the local firewall on Profinet Communication Server allows to use communication port 32796 for FIMProfinetConnect application.
  13. Open the Windows Services console on the Profinet Communication Server via Windows Search or command line "Services.msc". Browse for "ABB FIMProfinetConnect" service and start it.
  14. Start FIM.
    • In Topology view use Add Server button from top bar.
    • As Endpoint use the IP of the Profinet Communication Server with ending ":32796", i.e. ""
    • As Name please specify a name for the communication server, like "Profinet System1". This name will appear in the Topology
    • Accept the dialog via ADD.
  15. Access the new Profinet communication server object in FIM Topology and start a Hardware Scan via Context Menu of the tile.
  16. Delete the ClientInstall folder on the USB flash drive to avoid miss-usage by others.
  17. Reboot the computer, if FIM and Profinet Communication Server are installed on the same machine.

Setup Instruction - Different Domain Networks

Instruction how to setup a connection where the FIM client is not in the same domain as the ABB Profinet Communication Server.
Connecting to PROFINET - Different Domain Network

  1. Ensure that FIM client and ABB Profinet Communication server are using the same time zone.
  2. Firewall: Extend the configuration with a mapping from FIM Client IP with port 32796 to Profinet Communication Server IP with port 32796.
  3. Ensure that the FIM Client network card has a Gateway assigned if required by your network configuration.
  4. On FIM Client open hosts file in path c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ and add an entry for the Profinet Communication Server IP, i.e. "Prof_Com_Server"
  5. Test: Open a Command Prompt on FIM Client and ping the Profinet Communication Server name, i.e. "ping Prof_Com_Server", which should succeed.
  6. Finally, run all steps of Setup Instruction - One Domain Network.