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Enabling data centers to improve resource utilization

Effective resource utilization is critical for data centers, starting with being good stewards of the environment and limiting energy, water and land usage to managing the complexities of labor shortages by reducing the number of personnel required to construct and operate data centers. This is especially important with the ever-increasing demand for data processing and connectivity. Data center operators must carefully assess and analyze their current electrical and IT resources to ensure that they are adequate in meeting current and future demand and avoid performance degradation that can lead to potential downtime. ​

Resource utilization and management can be addressed via digital capabilities, efficiencies, sustainability and circular resource utilization. For example, actionable intelligence from smart devices can help to prioritize resources. Energy monitoring and management systems provide  intelligence to lower energy usage. Offsite manufacturing of prefabricated solutions reduce the number of trades needed on site for installation and commissioning. And advanced digital technology, such as digital switchgear, can save operators up to 25% on space compared to conventional systems.

ABB provides a robust electrical and digital portfolio that will allow data centers to guarantee optimal performance while effectively managing energy use and other related resources. Digital solutions, such as the ABB Energy and Asset Manager, offers real time PUE and trend monitoring as a dashboard widget to provide real-time visibility on the facility’s electrical performance. These digital solutions come with service agreements, including AR-based virtual assistance capabilities, to provide professional troubleshooting and immediately address equipment issues. ​

Make ABB your trusted partner in effectively managing your data center resources. 



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