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Enabling data centers to meet sustainability goals​

While data centers have been leading the way on sustainability, being responsible for two percent of the global power consumption creates pressure for even greener data centers. And with the ever-increasing demand for data and the internet of things (IoT), the race towards carbon neutrality and sustainability remains one of the biggest challenge for data centers.

Sustainability goals can be achieved in a number of ways, from monitoring energy use to implementing sustainable and innovative technologies to improve power consumption. The benefits of digitalization come to the fore, especially as data centers strive to meet their sustainability targets. 

ABB’s complete electrical and automation portfolio provides the energy efficiency and energy insights to help data center clients monitor and reduce power usage. Additionally, advancements in high efficiency and environmentally-friendly technology support lower carbon emissions.

Make ABB your reliable partner in achieving your data center’s sustainability goals. 

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Sustainability and energy efficiency are very important topics for us. ABB has domain expertise and comprehensive electrical portfolio to solve complicated and demanding challenges. Followingly you can find articles, blog posts, videos and case studies to support the topic. With any specific questions please feel free to contact our specialists who would be happy to support your sustainability journey. 

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