Maintain efficiency, availability and safety with the right maintenance program

ABB has supplied millions of MNS cubicles from its worldwide manufacturing locations. On completion of commissioning, the switchgear is at the peak of its performance. To maintain this condition it is essential to adopt a service and maintenance program for this asset. An appropriate maintenance program reduces the risk of failures and/or unexpected shutdowns and extends the lifetime of the low voltage switchgear, thus lowering the overall operational costs.

The maintenance strategy is the key for reduced maintenance cost and optimized plant operation. There are 4 types of maintenance in switchgears and not all can be planned. ABB low voltage systems service fully supports all 4 types of maintenance: from inspection, mechanical and operational checks and troubleshooting to continuous monitoring for proactive maintenance planning. Our customers can analyze site operating conditions versus maintenance needs with our free online light assessment check list. Our certified experts are there to support your maintenance strategy, according to initial specifications and expected asset lifetime.

For MNS iS switchgear, we also provide on-site and remote condition monitoring package such as MService to allow customers to move to condition based maintenance. MService monitors data and electrical parameter in in real time and proposes proactive actions on developing conditions and transmits information to those who are able to act.


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