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Preventive Maintenance

Maximize efficiency with the right maintenance program

Appropriate maintenance reduces the risk of failures and/or shutdowns and extends the lifetime of the switchgear, thus lowering the overall operational costs. The goal of ABB low voltage systems service is to ensure the maximum performance and availability of the low voltage switchgear of our customers. The availability of the switchgear ensures productivity.

Preventive maintenance programs performed periodically by ABB low voltage systems service, typically on an annual basis or based on customer schedule to ensures the performance and availability of the low voltage switchgears as per design criteria. Available maintenance programs are outlined in our service manuals.

Utilizing an expertise from ABB  low voltage systems service can help to

  • Have an easy-to-plan maintenance budget based on current plant operation,
  • Use of genuine, factory-certified ABB parts to ensure availability,
  • Constantly verify and ensure a high level of safety, availability and reliability,
  • Provide optimum performance during switchgear life cycle.

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