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ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Control

ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Control is an intelligent maneuvering and control system that enables safer, more efficient ship operations.

With its user-centric design, ABB AbilityTM Marine Pilot Control reduces the workload on automating navigational tasks and allows bridge officers to focus holistically on the overall control and positioning of the ship. The system integrates seamlessly with existing onboard equipment, and ensures ease of installation and maintenance, adding significant “bridge-to-propeller” value for the shipowners.


  • User-centric design that helps increase the overall safety of the operation as the crew is able to maintain full situational awareness, rather than having to focus on changing control modes.
  • The operator can switch to joystick control for maneuvering the vessel at any speed and all the way to docking. ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Control employs algorithms that calculate the optimal way of executing a command for controlling the vessel in any operational situation.
  • Seamless integration with existing onboard equipment and ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Together with the advanced situational awareness provided by ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Vision, the new DP system creates an intuitive operating environment with the dedicated purpose of operating the ship in a safe and efficient manner.
  • ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Control can be connected to the ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations Center infrastructure, which monitors the performance of ABB technology on board and remotely connects operators with ABB experts.


Stepping stone to autonomous shipping
Marine Pilot Control is a pioneering technology that is already available today and that will act as a stepping stone into the future of autonomous shipping. Autonomous shipping requires a vessel management & control system that can replace traditional solutions designed for disconnected operations. 

To read more about ABB Marine and Ports' vision of the next generation of vessels being electric, digital and connected, please go this page.

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