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ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Control


Pilot Control is a new way to control your vessel during all operational modes, including maneuvering, transit and position-keeping. Designed for autonomous and remote operations, the system enables optimal and complete all-speed vessel control from one operator position.

Features include all-speed vessel control, and potential for using the thruster control levers also as joysticks with ABB’s proprietary AX3 levers.


Benefits of ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Control

Operational assistance

Arrive safely and on time and benefit from near-future position prediction, helping avoid small and larger accidents for instance when maneuvering in narrow and busy surroundings.

Fewer systems to operate

Control the whole voyage from the same system, smoothly transferring between docking, positioning and transit, using just one joystick and a touch screen.

Automated maneuvering

Helps the operator ensure optimal and predictable operation in all speed ranges and key phases of the voyage, improving safety and fuel efficiency.

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Further benefits

Emission reduction
The system balances the use of the thrusters for maximum efficiency, using less power and thereby less fuel

Area mode option
Pre-define an area to stay within for more relaxed position keeping, when pinpoint positioning is not needed, for less power demanding operation.

Safer operations
With braking assistance, allowing steering while braking. Autodocking gives safer and more efficient docking lowering the chance of incidents, auto crossing, releases the operator to focus on making good decisions, while Pilot control handles the maneuvering.


Stepping stone to autonomous shipping

ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Control is a pioneering technology that is already in use by our customers today and that will act as a stepping stone into the future of autonomous shipping. Autonomous shipping requires a vessel management & control system that can replace traditional solutions designed for disconnected operations.



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