ReliaGrid™ Digital Solutions for Brownfield Installations

Ensuring future readiness by providing a smooth transition from legacy systems to contemporary digital systems

Legacy products within legacy substation automation solutions delivered in the last decades, need to be gradually enabled to be digitalization ready. Such migrations can be planned either at protection relays' level or at the station HMI/gateway level. 

Generally, the migration decisions are a consequence of a product life cycle or an obsolescence announcement from ABB or during a planned expansion of the customer's existing system.

In order to ensure a complete success of the intended migration steps, ABB Digital Systems' local team proactively collaborates with the end customer, towards planning and execution. And this includes study of existing switchgear drawings, protection relays' mounting, application and parameterization configurations, IO arrangements etc. The same also applies when an HMI needs to be migrated.


  • SPACOM series, REF 541/543/545, REF 542plus, towards Relion REX610, RE_615, RE_620, REX640 or SMU615/SSC600 solutions
  • Legacy ANSI relays such as DPU, DPU2000, MSOC, TPU2000, IMPRS, GPU, Pro*Star, towards Relion REX610, RE_615, RE_620, REX640 or SMU615/SSC600 solutions
  • COM600 or 3rd party SCADA towards ZEE600C Substation Management Unit.
  • Since these migrations are very customer site specific, the kind of solutions also can vary. These include usage of special cutting tools, wire marking harness, covering plates, software engineering and verification


  • Minimum impact
  • High cost-effectiveness
  • Customer centric
  • Ensures infrastructure aesthetics
  • Ensures digitalization readiness
  • Facilitates easier maintenance

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