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For many, compliance with the new container weighing regulation will require investment in new hardware and systems. Rather than making only a regulation-driven investment, why not leverage the opportunity to improve productivity and safety at the same time?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions from ABB, whether at the gate or the quay cranes, enable you to reach three major improvements in one:

  • Automatic recording of container weight and submitting the information to other systems
  • Automatic identification of the container and terminal tractor, ensuring that the right container finds its way to the right place
  • Safer container handling as people will be relocated from under the quay crane or gate complex to a remote exception handling desk.

Translated into numbers, our OCR solutions have resulted in:

  • Three more container moves per hour at the quay
  • 22 % increase in throughput
  • 83% decrease in truck turnaround time
  • Return on investment in as little as 3 months

OCR solutions are available no matter which weighing method or where in the process you choose to weigh the containers.

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Automating container terminals - safer, greener and more productive.

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