My Measurement Assistant

Service support when and where you need it most

When time is of the essence, it is important to have a reliable source of information that can help you make the right decisions, enabling you to execute maintenance activities correctly, safely and cost effectively. My Measurement Assistant is a web application that provides maintenance guidance including commissioning, troubleshooting, training and spare parts management. Further providing video tutorials to help upskill technicians while on site and design tools to help find the most cost-effective solutions for your process. It reduces the need for on-site support during maintenance activities, giving you more control over your maintenance strategies, enabling more efficient, safe and cost-effective solutions during day-to-day activities. 

My Measurement Assistant is your virtual gateway to smarter, personalized and easier self-service


Experience My Measurement Assistant

  • Dynamic QR Code health scan
  • Digital twin (VDI2770)
  • Improved document search
  • Expanded product information
  • Error code identification/translation
  • Dynamic QR Code report request (self-serve)
  • Service Case management
  • Measurement Care Contract Overview
  • Digital twin (VDI2770)
  • Product registration
  • Service event data
  • Lifecycle status
  • Local contact
  • Finding spare parts  and quotes
  • AutoID scan
  • Return Material Authorisation
  • Direct access to local/regional service teams
  • Accessible from phone/tablet/PC

Supported products

Full MMA service offering available:
Limited MMA service offering available:

Full MMA service offering available:
Limited MMA service offering available:

Force Measurement
Limited MMA service offering available:
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