Safety Services

Reduce risk and protect people and assets from potentially dangerous situations and hazards

Safety Services

Protect people and assets from potentially dangerous situations and hazards

Electrical Safety Risk Assessment

How we add value

We thoroughly evaluate your system condition, identify potential dangers, and offer tailored advice to protect your workforce and maintain compliance with safety standards.

  • Select one section or the entire electrical system to be evaluated
  • Experts with over 30 years of experience
  • Get a comprehensive report outlining risks and mitigation options
Your benefit

Enhanced safety – identify potential safety hazards, reducing the risk of electrical safety incidents and fires.

Compliance with regulations – identify gaps or non-compliance issues.

Safeguard your reputation – commitment to safety attracts and retains clients who value responsible business practices.

Arc Flash Risk Assessment & Mitigation

How we add value

Determine the arc flash hazard risk / category at all relevant locations in the electrical system

  • Arc flash energy E
  • Arc flash boundary DB
  • Required level of PPE
  • Predicted arc fault current
  • Assess the risk and consequences of installed or newly planned equipment
  • Mitigation options, such as protection relay (coordination) upgrade, arc flash detection, and arc flash elimination
  • Training of on-site personnel is also available
Your benefit
  • Make it easier for personnel working in the electrical system to understand the hazards and risks associated with arc flash, and use the appropriate PPE required
  • Understand level of risk and mitigation options
  • Achieve compliance with a safer working environment
  • Reduce risk of downtime

With Mitigation:

  • Keep incident energy low
  • Prevent at risk activities
  • Reduce probability of an incident

Electrical Safety Training

How we add value

Our experts deliver comprehensive safety awareness training in accordance with industry best practices and relevant International Standards. Learn to:

  1. Prepare for the work
  2. Clearly identify the work location
  3. Disconnect all sources and secure against re-connection
  4. Verify the installation is dead
  5. Carry out earthing/short circuiting
  6. Provide protection against adjacent live parts
  7. Complete a Permit to Work & “Walk the Permit”
Your benefit

Personnel working on the electrical systems improve their knowledge about the hazards, risks and mitigation requirements involved in their tasks.

  • Understand basic electrical principles
  • Identify hazards associated with electricity
  • Identify safe work practices to eliminate hazards
  • Understand and apply international standards when working with electricity
  • Reduce risk of electrical incidents

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