Field Information Manager Connectivity to ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus

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The Field Information Manager supports the connectivity to ABB AbilityTM Symphony® Plus and supports Controllers, S800 I/O and S900 I/O with HART and PROFIBUS field devices.

Supported ABB AbilityTM Symphony® Plus versions: S+ Engineering for Melody 2.0 and onwards.

For setup of ABB FIM Bridge Symphony Plus, please refer to the following manuals:
  • Harmony: S+ Engineering Field engineering user manual (2VAA001570*)
  • Melody: S+ Engineering for Melody Composer Melody User Manual (2VAA000587*)

General Information

The Field Information Manager connectivity to ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus is supported for Symphony Plus Melody Rack Series with S+ Engineering for Melody 2.0 and onwards versions.

Support for Symphony Plus Harmony Rack Series and the SD Series will be released soon.
Please get in contact with your local ABB Service team if other system versions are required.

Basic part of the FIM connectivity to ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus is the FIM S+ Connect software. The FIM Symphony Plus Connect is based on a FDI Communication Server and allows the FIM client to access ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus.

FIM Bridge S+ Connectivity

Setup Instructions

S+ Connect software is included in S+ Engineering for Melody 2.0 as an available installation profile.
In case of an existing FIM installation, S+ Connect software handles the certificate exchange automatically during its installation.

For an easy setup of FIM connectivity to S+, please follow these steps:

  1. If not already existing, please install FIM.
  2. Install FIM S+ Connect service (either individually or as included in S+ Engineering for Melody 2.0).
  3. Start FIM and add a Communication Server for FIM S+ Connect service.

For more information, please refer to installation instructions in the ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus S+ Engineering Melody 2.0 Installation manual (2VAA009442-700).

Security Options (only required if installing FIM after FIM S+ Connect)

Please note
It is recommended to install FIM S+ Connect when there is already a FIM installation.
In such case, the here described security-related setup is handled automatically.

Simple Security Setup

There are project without high security requirements. To simplify the security configuration for these cases, a quick but less secure setup option is provided. This less secure setup uses self-signed security certificates. Self-signed certificates are not issued by a certificate authority that is considered trust-worthy. To decide if this is acceptable for you, consider at least the following impacts of self-signed certificates:

  • Self-signed certificates must be set up on the client machine to establish the trust relationship on the side that needs to accept the certificates.
  • It is the responsibility of the administrator to make sure that the self-signed certificate is not modified or replaced by someone before it is installed on the client machine.
  • It is the responsibility of the administrator to make sure that no one outside the trust relationship gets access to the self-signed certificate.

Security setup of the FIM S+ Connect service
The setup of the FIM S+ Connect software installs a windows service named "ABB FIM S+ Connect" in the operating system. You can find the service in the MMC snap in for services ("services.msc") as displayed in the figure below.

Set the startup type of the service to "Automatic (Delayed Start)" or depending on your needs. The service does not require startup parameters.

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