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Field Information Manager direct connectivity to S800 PROFIBUS IO & Devices through Thorsis isNet Gateway

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HART devices connected to ABB S800 IO through Thorsis Ethernet to PROFIBUS DP gateway

The Field Information Manager supports a connectivity to ABB S800 IO installed base through Thorsis Ethernet to PROFIBUS DP adapter.

General Information

Supported hardware:

  • ABB S800 remote IO
  • PROFIBUS DP & PA Field Devices

Required Thorsis modules:

Setup Instruction

Assign the network settings for the isNet Lite – Ethernet Communication Module:

  1. Please ensure that the isNet Module is installed and powered on.
  2. Connect the isNet Module to a laptop via ethernet.
  3. Configure the laptop network settings to IP SN:
  4. On the laptop please open the Internet Explorer and open the isNet Module web interface via the default IP
  5. On the isNet Module web interface please go to “System” -> “Network” and and assign a hostname, like “isnet-multi” for this example. You can now change the IP, Subnet and Gateway, depending on how the FIM client network is configured.
  6. Please disconnect the isNet Module ethernet from the laptop computer.

Exchange the certificates and start the FDI server:

  1. Please connect the isNet Module to the ethernet to the FIM client network.
  2. On the FIM client computer please add the isNet Module IP and hostname to the "hosts" file. The host file is available at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.
    Example entry:  isnet-multi
  3. On the FIM client computer please open the isNet Module web interface via using the Internet Explorer and the isNet Module IP. On the web interface please browse to "Protocols" -> "FDI Server" and download the certificate by using the button "Download Server Certificate". Please download the certificate on the local desktop.
  4. On the local desktop please right click on the certificate and select "install". In the upcoming wizard please select "local machine" as location. Then choose "Place all certificates in the following store" and "ABB FIM Trusted People" in the upcoming dialog. Finally please finish the dialog. In case of using a Windows 7 operating system the import via wizard does not show the specific store. You must import the certificate manually by following the steps below:
    1. Open the Windows Management Console, i.e. via Windows prompt “mmc.exe”
    2. Open the menu "File" -> "Snap-In / Add-Remove"
    3. Select "Certificates" and "Add" them to "Computer Account" -> "Local Computer" and click "Finish"
    4. Close the wizard with "OK"
    5. Locate under "Certificates" -> "ABB.FIM.TrustedPeople" and select it
    6. Open menu "Actions" -> "All Tasks" -> "Import..." and follow the upcoming wizard
    7. To "Search..." for your IsNet Communication Server certificate set the file-ending filter to "All Files (*.*)", select your certificate and follow the wizard until "Finish"
  5. Open the isNet Module web interface "Protocols" -> "FDI Server" and select the button "upload" for uploading the FIM certificate from the following location: C:\ProgrammData\ABB\Field Information Manager\CertificateStores\certs. Finally use the "open" button to finish this activity.
  6. "Enable FDI Server" of the isNet Module in the same web interface.

Setup the FIM topology:

  1. Please add the isNet Module communication server in the Topology View of FIM.
    # Please start the FIM software and open the Topology from the Tools Menu.
    # Use "Add Server" button from the top bar
    # As Endpoint use the hostname of the Gateway with port number 4840. i.e. " isnet-multi:4840"
    # As Name please specify a name for the communication server, like "IsNet". This name will appear in the Topology
    # Then accept the dialog via "Add Server" button
  2. Open the "Device Settings" of your new isNet Communication Server and parameterize the server according to your Profibus settings in your Profibus PLC Module i.e. ABB CI854. Take care that the isNet Server is also a Profibus master. Your added isNet Server needs an own unused Profibus address. See 3BDS009030 AC 800M 6.0 PROFIBUS DP Configuration for further information regarding Profibus settings.
  3. Please access the isNet Module communication server object in the Topology and start a Hardware Scan via the Context Menu of the Device Tile.