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Inspection and Diagnostics

Know your drive’s current condition

Inspection and Diagnostics service enables you to recognize your drive’s future maintenance needs by measuring and analyzing the condition of your drive and its application.


  • Diagnosis received - Based on the diagnostics, you will find out the current condition of your drive, the environmental impact on it, or the cause of a failure, should it happen.
  • Consequences explained - You learn how the current condition of the drive can affect its operational reliability.
  • Recommended solution - You get recommendations that will keep your drive in the optimal condition.
  • Saving time and nerves -  By knowing the condition of your drives you can save time when planning the next maintenance.

    ABB Inspection and Diagnostics service delivery

    Life Cycle Assessment review

    We identify the critical drives for the process or application so that clear priorities for maintenance can be set.

    You want to know the condition of your drive

    Inspection and Diagnostics service helps define current drive’s condition and how it will affect the lifetime of your drive and its application.

    Contact your local ABB

    Choose the suitable service variant for your needs

    We offer three variants of the service: Drive Health Check, Drive Stress Check and Failure Analysis

        Drive Health Check
    • Detailed measurement and inspection done for the drive
    • Current condition of the drive recognized
    • Done during planned shutdown

        Drive Stress Check
    • Data of the drive usage collected and analyzed
    • Stress status of the drive resulting from the harsh environment or heavy-duty application identified
    • Done during normal operation

        Drive Failure Analysis
    • Drive data, usage and failure details received from the user
    • Detailed drive analysis conducted at certified Drives Service Workshop
    • Depending on the condition of drive, it can be scarped or returned to user, repaired or unrepaired

    We inspect your drive

    ABB-certified engineers have the expertise and tools to precisely analyze a wide range of drives. Local safety requirements are closely followed.

    You receive a drive diagnosis

    We provide you with a detailed diagnostics report including our findings along with recommendations.

    You can make an informed decision about future drive maintenance

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