ABB helps Axpo develop Switzerland’s first digital hydropower plant

ABB helps Axpo develop Switzerland’s first digital hydropower plant

Axpo is the largest producer of electricity from renewable energy in Switzerland. With ABB Ability™ Smart Sensors and ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring the motors at one of the company’s hydropower plants have been converted into smart, wirelessly monitored devices.

As Switzerland’s largest producer of renewable energy, Axpo is taking a modern approach to the way energy is created and delivered. Their Hydro 4.0 initiative is a pilot project designed to create the country’s first digital hydropower plant. Located in Sarganserland, Axpo is in the midst of digitizing many of the plant’s traditional operations to increase efficiency and minimize downtime.

In partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, ABB worked with Axpo to install ABB Ability™ Smart Sensors on their motors to capture valuable maintenance and performance data from the plant’s rotating equipment. Through the ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring digital solution, accurate, real-time information about the motors’ conditions is delivered. The sensors enable Axpo to deploy condition monitoring across the plant so engineers can discover anomalies, anticipate maintenance needs, and gain real-time insight into operations. Data points are continually monitored to provide the exact status of the different pieces of equipment, resulting in much more efficient maintenance without incurring higher risks of unpredicted failure. With increased efficiency in its plant, Axpo is better able to provide sustainable power for its customers.

Learn more about how ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring and ABB Ability™ Smart Sensors are being used by Axpo in the video below.


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