Non-metallic conduits

Our conduit range is available in many different materials, ranging from lightweight to heavyweight with nominal conduit sizes from 10mm right up to the Jumbo size of 106mm.

For more demanding applications there is a wide-ranging high specification series of conduit with enhanced low fire hazard properties, EMI screening and incorporating high fatigue life. Overbraided options are available for use in abrasive environments.

Standard product is manufactured in a wide range of materials. The corrugated construction provides good flexibility and low weight. In addition a range of fittings are specifically designed to maintain system integrity.

Polyamide Conduits (PA6)

Tough and durable Nylon PA 6 Material. General purpose system for light / industrial commercial wiring, public buildings, machine tools and marine

Modified Polyamide conduits

Enhanced fire properties for traction, infrastructure, exteriors and dynamic low temperature applications.

Polypropylene Conduits (PP)

High chemical resistance conduit

PVCu Spiral with Plasticised PVC Covering

Smooth bore

Korifit Conduit

Pliable Conduit range, available in 3 weights

Hi-spec and overbraided conduits

Ultra High Specification – extreme temperature, mechanical, environmental and chemical performance

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