CMS-660 - Solar string monitoring

Increase productivity and improve maintenance of your PV system

Within large utility-scale solar power plants finding the elements that decrease module productivity and even safety can be challenging since it would imply to examine thousands of solar panels individually. But how can you detect impairments such as leaves and dirt or even broken cables without great effort?

ABB's CMS-660, a solar monitoring system that remotely checks the DC current produced by each string, allowing to compare it not only with its previous performance but also with the performance of the other strings. CMS allows to improve reactivity to unusual system status, like defective strings, over-voltages, breaker trips or high temperatures, enabling to immediately implement appropriate countermeasures.

Main benefits:

  • Up-to-date system status at any time – Improve the maintenance of the system, immediately detecting unusual system status
  • Minimum space requirements – CMS-660 collects all main information coming from the PV plant in one device through ultra-compact sensors
  • Smart commissioning – Just few minutes to put into operation the CMS system, thanks to its smart and intuitive configuration
  • Simplified installation – Save up to 30 % installation time thanks to quick mounting without any special tool
  • Factory assembled – CMS-660 is also available directly inside solar string combiner boxes whose components are already factory-assembled

Main features:

  • Current and temperature measurement directly from the sensors
  • Integration of SPD and switch disconnector status via 2 digital inputs
  • One sensor for all currents and strings – CMS sensors measure any kind of current up to 80A (DC, AC or mixed), allowing to combine monitoring of two strings into one single sensor
  • Up to 32 flexible monitoring points, placed where measurement is required
  • LEDs provide local information about network and device status
  • Modbus RTU protocol guarantees easy integration into plant or inverter monitoring systems

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